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RF Analyzer - RFA

    The WinSoft RF Analyzer (RFA) is an intuitive software panel that  enables the use of RF PXI modules as a classical, commonly used spectrum analyzer. The RFA, combined with PXI modules, functions as a subset of a traditional spectrum analyzer. Its modular design and NI LabVIEW support enable the integration of new modules as they become available. Current function value readouts, such as Center Frequency, Frequency Span, Reference Level, Resolution Bandwidth, Attenuation and Scale, are displayed in real time the same way that a traditional analyzer displays them.

    You can select markers such as Marker to Peak and Marker to Frequency

    The RFA takes advantage of the exceptional price/ performance of National Instruments PXI RF modules while providing the look and feel of a traditional spectrum analyzer plus making it possible to perform the most highly used spectrum analyses and power measurements.

    Combined with a touch screen and other PXI modules, the RFA works well for benchtop testing, training, and R&D analysis.



 Supported Measurement Types

Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)
Adjacent Channel Power (ACP)
Channel Power (CHP)
Complementary Cumulative Density Function
  (CCDF) Intermodulation (IMD)
Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM) IQ (Waveform)
Phase Noise

RF Analyzer - WinSoft

The RFA works with the following PXI modules:
NI PXI-5661 2.7 GHz vector signal analyzer
NI PXIe-5663 6.6 GHz vector signal analyzer




The RF Analyzer (RFA) is an intuitive software panel that enables the use of RF PXI modules as a classical, commonly used spectrum analyzer.

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